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Hey dude, why does DIY filmmaking suck?

  • Yes Beavis, DIY filmmaking literally does suck.

    Let me tell you about my experience producing Quality of Life.

    Each day, I worked a full-time day job and then put in 4 - 8 hours more on the film at night. I still declared personal bankruptcy during pre-production.

    Then I was fired from my job for focusing on the film too much instead of my work.

    My girlfriend nearly left me since she never saw me.

    My friends stopped returning my calls for fear I'd ask for favors for the film.

    And in the end, the entire "indiewood" film industry basically ignored us. Sundance, the speciality distributors, the major indie film press outlets and of course just about anyone with money couldn't be bothered.

    And that was all before we decided to self-distribute the movie and things really got rough.

    So listen up: DIY filmmaking is not for the faint of heart. It sucks.

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March 21, 2011



Great post! I'm really getting a lot out of this series. Since you made a call for trailers, I thought I would post the trailer for my soon to be released, no budget, feature "Wireless" and see how it stacks up to your stated criteria. Again, great post, and I'm looking forward to the next and final installment.


Ooop.... the embed code didn't work. Here is the link.

Thanks again!


I totally agree about the both the trailer and the poster. The good news is, thanks in part to sites like YouTube, you can test your trailer to see if it gets any response and tweak as needed.

Also thought your "call to action" was key. This is what really helped us promote our movies. It let's folks embed on other fan sites and drives traffic back to the film site.

Jason Brubaker

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