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Hey dude, why does DIY filmmaking suck?

  • Yes Beavis, DIY filmmaking literally does suck.

    Let me tell you about my experience producing Quality of Life.

    Each day, I worked a full-time day job and then put in 4 - 8 hours more on the film at night. I still declared personal bankruptcy during pre-production.

    Then I was fired from my job for focusing on the film too much instead of my work.

    My girlfriend nearly left me since she never saw me.

    My friends stopped returning my calls for fear I'd ask for favors for the film.

    And in the end, the entire "indiewood" film industry basically ignored us. Sundance, the speciality distributors, the major indie film press outlets and of course just about anyone with money couldn't be bothered.

    And that was all before we decided to self-distribute the movie and things really got rough.

    So listen up: DIY filmmaking is not for the faint of heart. It sucks.

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March 28, 2011


Account Deleted

I came across your blog while Googling. Sorry it took a year to ask here, but I need help.

I'm planning to go to art school end of this year by crowdfunding myself and I need your advice on providing rewards.

Considering my amateurish level in my art, what kind of reward should I offer?
I can only think of giving away caricatures of my pledgers etc.

Or rather, how soon should I give the rewards to the pledgers?
The least I can think of, I can only offer the rewards after one semester at art school.
Are pledgers fickle about how soon they can get their rewards?
How do I pitch to the pledgers that they can receive their rewards after a semester at art school?

Nick Soares

Yes these platform will be great for some, but hard for others. So I had the idea to open a Kickstarter/Indiegogo section on my filmmaker forum. This will let more people view your project and hopefully get it funded.


Hannah Alpert

Hello Nick,

I just found your blog and have spent a long time reading the articles. I really like your writing style and found your information about casting and directing to be exactly what I was looking for! when I came to this article, well, I really wanted to reach out. I am in the middle of a kickstarter, and i'm trying to contact people about the project and try to get it published on some blogs, sites, etc. I think we truly have an interesting and new idea and I need some outlets to get it out. i'm posting below the correspondence i'm trying to send out. do you have any advise to improve it, or where I could send it to? Thanks


We need the support of the film making community to help make our ambitious project a reality. Passing stories is an original short film Inspired by traditional Arabic structures of storytelling infused with Southern American, African, and Louisiana Creole folktales. This film is an ode to the oral tradition of narrative storytelling using uniquely visual means.

In Passing Stories, nine year old Peanut’s life is changed after her grandmother, whom she calls Tittyboo, tells her about the safe keeper of stories, Mother Shannon. Peanut is lead on an adventure of story telling as Tittyboo weaves together some of the many stories kept safe by Mother Shannon. The telling passes along from narrator to narrator within the story to build a picture that Peanut herself must complete.

We intend to portray the unique and fantastic concepts of our film, not with realism, but with an equally fantastic method of execution. In order to realize this, we intend to combine a wide array of visual techniques to bring the richly detailed stories within Passing Stories to life, including sculpture, installation, painting and drawing, and alternative animation. Within this one project we will be combining digital footage with 35mm film footage and alternative animation.

With summer winding down and fall sweeping in Passing Stories is about to shift into production phase, But first we need to finish out a successful Kickstarter Campaign in order to keep moving forward. Spreading the word is the most important step in doing this, and we are writing you to ask for help. We would be honored to become a featured article on your page, and know our project would be of interest to your readers.

You can find additional information at our website, and our Kickstarter page below

Thanks for your consideration,

Hannah Alpert & Ariel Jackson

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